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The Best Solid Shampoos for Curly Hair

New brands of solid shampoos are launched every day... The offer is now very wide and the use of solid shampoo is gradually democratizing.

However, switching from liquid to solid shampoo at the risk of sacrificing the beauty of your hair is not always easy!

There are many misconceptions. For example, many brands opt for white label formulas - which are hardly modified, except for a marketing ingredient like perfume - from one brand to another. Solid shampoos for normal, fragile, oily, dry, damaged, colored hair...... You'll find the same drawbacks: Sticky hair, or hair that dries out too quickly, itchy scalp, shampoos that don't lather enough when the formulas are gentle ...... And yes, the ideal shampoo formula that provides the right balance between lather, softness and effectiveness is not the most common!

So, when it comes to curly hair, it's panic time.... Wrong!

Here we explain why, and how to choose from our selection of the best solid shampoos for curly hair!

How did we test and choose solid shampoos for curly hair?

In order to guide you in choosing a solid shampoo for curly hair, we analyzed and compared the ingredients and the percentage of naturalness of many brands of solid shampoos offered in France, and if possible, Made In France.

We have also done an extensive analysis of consumer reviews, checked if the advertised benefits had been tested and approved by an independent laboratory, and then we tried the products ourselves.

What is solid shampoo?

Any shampoo, liquid or solid, is composed of a foaming agent, or surfactant, which cleanses the hair, and different ingredients, natural, or not, which provide different benefits for the hair.

Any liquid shampoo is composed of water, which requires the addition of preservatives. It often contains silicones that coat the hair (but also suffocate it), and many other harmful chemicals.

The best solid shampoos contain no water and therefore no preservatives. They do not contain silicones either.

They are concentrated in natural active ingredients.

One solid shampoo = 2 bottles of shampoo!

How to choose a solid shampoo for curly hair?

Curly, frizzy or afro hair has rigid clustered hair fibers that tends to be dry.

It is therefore all the more in need of softness. We avoid any aggression that could aggravate the situation: drying shampoos, chemical products, extreme heat....

 Curly hair has a special need for care, moisture and repair. That's why you may be using liquid shampoos that contain silicones, which can be extremely sheathing but also suffocate your hair and scalp... hello untamed curls and dandruff. It's a vicious circle that you absolutely must get out of!

Solid shampoos, if they are natural and with well-balanced ingredients, will take perfect care of your curly hair and scalp.

First of all, the best solid shampoos for curly hair will be very gentle shampoos, suitable for sensitive skin, as they will respect the structure of your hair, avoid any drying of the hair fiber and protect the natural balance of your scalp to keep it healthy.

They should not contain sulfates, which can damage your scalp and hair.

Do not use solid shampoos obtained by saponification (soap) because their pH is not adapted to that of your scalp.

Finally, avoid essential oils that can trigger reactions in your scalp over time.

Choose a solid shampoo enriched with quality vegetable oils, such as sunflower or flaxseed oil, or jojoba oil.

In addition to your mild shampoo, we recommend moisturizing your hair after each shampoo to prevent frizz: Use a nourishing balm that is 100% natural and organic, and that does not leave your hair greasy. Take a dab of balm (adapt the amount to your hair type: wavy, curly or frizzy), warm it in your hands and apply it to your wet hair. This will ensure beautiful, well-defined curls!

You can also apply it as a mask once a week!

How to apply your solid shampoo to curly hair?

In the shower, lather the solid shampoo between your hands or directly onto your wet scalp. Massage, then rinse!

Some solid shampoos don't lather much and will be difficult to use on curly hair...Opt for a shampoo with a soft and generous lather!

To keep it longer, be sure to let it dry completely between uses. Stagnant water is the number one enemy of your solid shampoo!

The best solid shampoos lather just as well as liquid shampoos and often leave your hair softer and healthier! 

Our selection of the best shampoos for curly hair

Wavy, curly, frizzy, or afro need softness and deep moisture! A shampoo that respects your fragile hair fiber and scalp will keep your hair healthy. Discover our selection of the best solid shampoos for curly hair:

The Perfect Solid Shampoo by Fossette Paris

Description: Fossette Paris is a French brand that develops exclusive natural solid care products, combining pleasure and efficiency, ecology and design. They are adapted to all, even to the most sensitive skins. The Perfect Shampoo by Fossette Paris is 94% natural, without sulfates, without essential oils, without allergens.  Enriched with French organic linseed and sunflower oils, it respects and protects fragile, damaged, colored or dried out hair, and the scalp.

Benefits: A product with an exclusive and innovative formula. Its lather is rich and generous. The hair is gently cleansed. The hair fiber is respected. Organic flax and sunflower oil protect your curls and the health of your hair. These benefits are tested on a panel of curly hair users and approved by an independent laboratory under dermatological control and the shampoo has obtained a satisfaction rate of 100%.

Tip: For curly hair, we love the combination of ultra-soft shampoo and nourishing care with Fossette Paris Essential Care Balm, 100% natural and organic, to be applied to wet hair after each shampoo to define curls, or as a mask once a week to deeply nourish.

Disadvantages: Price is slightly higher than its competitors

Price: 14,90 euros for 70 g 

Honey I Washed my Hair Solid Shampoo by Lush

Description: Lush is an English brand, a global precursor in solid shampoos: it was created in 1995. A surprising, colorful and fun alternative for a brand looks "appetizing".

Benefits: A honey shampoo with a super gourmand perfume with caramel notes that stays on the hair and in the bathroom. Lathers well. Cleans hair well.

Disadvantages: We regret the presence of sulfates (SLS) and essential oils in the formula: not gentle enough for the needs of curly hair and for the scalp in the long run. Small format that melts quickly and crumbly.

 Price:12,00 euros for 55 g

Secrets de Provence's Repairing Solid Shampoo

Description: Secrets De Provence offers natural and organic products in a cheerful and family spirit. 

Benefits: Organic and natural shampoo, enriched with shea butter and aloe vera to bring care to your curly hair. Organic at a low price!

Disadvantages: The hair tends to re-grease quickly. An original and easy to use donut shape that is not very pleasant to use and breaks quickly.

Price:7,10 euros for 85 g


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