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The Best Solid Conditioners

 Solid skincare is flourishing.... And for good reason: Household plastic waste is a real threat to our environment, and consumers are paying closer attention to their beauty care formulas. Preservatives, silicones, and other chemical compounds are as harmful to the environment as they are to our health.

 After shampoos, the natural solid offer without controversial ingredients extends to conditioners, moisturizers, make-up removers, toothpastes, deodorants, masks and other treatments.

 How to find your way around? How can you avoid sacrificing effectiveness and pleasure of use when you decide to switch to more natural products?

 We have focused on solid conditioners and we reveal here which are the best solid conditioners!

How did we test them?

In order to guide you in selecting the best solid conditioner, we analyzed and compared the ingredients and the percentage of naturalness of very many brands of solid conditioners offered in France, and if possible, Made In France.

We have also done a comprehensive review of consumer reviews, checked if the advertised benefits had been tested and approved by an independent laboratory, then tried the products ourselves.

What is a solid conditioner?

A solid conditioner, like a liquid conditioner, is a detangling, repairing hair care product that adds softness and shine to hair and makes it easy to manage.

The best solid conditioners should not leave hair heavy or greasy.

A solid conditioner is a zero-waste alternative and, moreover, often healthier than a liquid conditioner: more natural, without silicones, without preservatives, without chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment. The best solid conditioners are the sweetheart of your hair care routine.

Is it possible to find an effective solid conditioner?

We have to admit that many solid conditioners have achieved a disappointing result. Either the product dries out and becomes unusable, or it breaks in pieces too easily, or it is ineffective... but we have spotted some nuggets among our selection of the best solid conditioners. Go for 100% natural, certified organic solid conditioners!

How do you use a solid conditioner?

After washing with solid shampoo, a solid conditioner should be wet, then applied directly to the lengths of your wet hair and hair ends. Leave it on for a few minutes, detangle and rinse!

It can be used on dry, fine, delicate, curly, frizzy hair .... 

The best solid conditioners in France

Repair without weighing down, easy detangling, light, shiny and manageable hair.... Check out our selection of the best solid conditioners and find the one for you!

Fossette Paris Silkening Conditioner

Description: Fossette Paris offers natural solid skin care products, with no compromise on the gentleness, efficacy and sensuality of their formulas. They are adapted to all, even to the most sensitive skins.

Benefits: A truly innovative formula that ticks all the boxes! 100% natural, certified organic, without essential oils and allergens, this conditioner generates a very fine cream that is ultra effective and easy to rinse. The hair is repaired, easy to detangle, shiny, soft and light! In addition, the effectiveness of this solid conditioner has been tested and approved by an independent laboratory on all types of hair and obtains a satisfaction rate of 100% for shiny, protected hair, easy to detangle, without weighing down!

Disadvantages: You have to get used to applying less product than with a liquid treatment. The price is a little high, but it lasts a really long time.
Price: 15,90 euros for 40 g

Respire Solid Conditioner

Description: The French brand Respire offers a wide range of cosmetics that are as natural and healthy as possible. Respire has helped democratize the use of solid shampoo.

Benefits: A 100% natural formula, with a nice vanilla fragrance. Again, the effectiveness is tested with 92% of satisfied users on detangling and 94% of satisfaction on softness.

Disadvantages: A bit difficult to apply. Some consumers find their hair a little greasy. Presence of allergens in the formula.

Price: 12.90 euros for 50 g

Riparazione N.A.E solid conditioner

Description: N.A.E belongs to the German group Henkel (known with its brands Diadermine or Fa for example). Henkel is the first group to have taken the turn of the solid and to have proposed solid shampoos in supermarkets in France.

Benefits: A certified organic formula that effectively detangles and repairs dry hair, at a gentle price! Ideal for those who like to have a little foam in their conditioner.

Disadvantages: Contains sulfates and presence of allergens in the formula. Some consumers found that it left their hair a little greasy. 

Price: 4.65 euros for 85 g


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