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What is the Best Solid Shampoo for Oily Hair?

Solid shampoos were first launched in 1995 by the innovative British brand Lush. In France, it was Lamazuna that launched the movement in 2010.

Previously, the offer was largely reserved for the shelves of organic stores, but today there is a wide range of products adapted to all needs and all budgets!

From supermarket shelves to high-end brands, the formulas have evolved a lot since then, for the greater good of our hair. 

The advantages, both ecological and health, are numerous. Solids also allow us to clean up the design of the bathroom and to travel light!

France is endowed with an exceptional know-how in cosmetics. So, among the multitude of solid shampoos - not all of them qualitative - beware of brands that put all the budget in communication and not in their formulations.  Choose shampoos with natural formulas that are sensorially-pleasant and effective.

How did we make our selection?

In order to guide you in selecting the appropriate shampoo for greasy hair, we analyzed and compared the ingredients and the percentage of naturalness of very many brands of solid shampoos offered in France, and if possible Made In France.

We have also done a detailed analysis of consumer reviews and tested the products.

Why do we have oily hair?

Greasy hair is the result of too much sebum secretion by the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

There are many reasons for this disorder; they can be hereditary, hormonal, or the result of aggression by pollution or washing too often or with shampoos that do not maintain the natural balance of your scalp.

How do you avoid having oily hair?

You can start by balancing your diet by avoiding foods that are too fatty or too sweet.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will provide you with the full complement of vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of your body, and your hormonal system. 

Avoid any aggression to your scalp - the choice of shampoo is essential: use a very gentle shampoo, respectful of your scalp and your hair. Some highly-detergent shampoos that are "specific" to oily hair may give the satisfaction of "degreasing" effectively, but in fact only maintain the hyper-secretion of sebum. Absolutely avoid shampoos containing silicones and sulfates. Also avoid soaps sold as shampoos! Their pH is not adapted to your scalp at all!

Do not rub your scalp but massage it gently. Avoid using very hot water for rinsing.

The best solid shampoos for oily hair

Natural solid shampoos are a great solution for oily hair problems. By taking the precaution of choosing a solid shampoo that is very gentle and respectful of your scalp's pH balance you will have better long term results than with most liquid shampoos!

The best solid shampoos for oily hair are free of potentially harsh or irritating ingredients like sulfates, or numerous allergenic compounds.

With a little patience and attention to your diet and lifestyle, you'll see that your hair will become greasy less quickly and return to its balance with a healthy scalp!

Fossette Paris Perfect Shampoo

Description: Fossette Paris is a young, eco-responsible and innovative brand that offers natural solid care products suitable for all ages and all skin types, even sensitive. With its formula 94% natural, without sulfates, without essential oils and without allergens, the Perfect Shampoo respects the scalp. 

Benefits: It lathers - a lot, and it is gentle! This shampoo is suitable for sensitive skin cleans your hair perfectly while respecting the scalp and ensuring its good health. This shampoo has been tested by an independent laboratory under dermatological control on users with oily hair, resulting in a satisfaction rate of 100%.

Disadvantages: A little higher price

Price: 14.90 euros for 70 g 

Lamazuna Solid Oily Hair Shampoo

Description : Lamazuna is a French brand that is a true pioneer of solid shampoos and has been innovating since 2010 to reduce plastic waste. The Lamazuna shampoo is sulfate free and has a short list of ingredients.  

Benefits: A shampoo with a refreshing lemon scent that effectively cleanses and restores volume to hair. Hair is clean and soft.

Disadvantages:  Real difficulty in making it lather. A gritty, somewhat homemade look that won't appeal to everyone. The presence of essential oils which can cause users to have allergic reactions. 

Price: 9,90 euros for 55 g

Garnier Oatmeal Delicacy Solid Shampoo

Description: Garnier has rolled out its range of liquid shampoos in solid versions for the greater good of the planet!  

Benefits: A sulfate-free shampoo that lathers and smells great at a low price, so it's easy on the wallet! Hair is neither rough nor sticky.

Disadvantages: Uses quaternary ammonium as a surfactant, potentially irritating.

Price: 4,90 euros for 60 g


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