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Fossette vs Dop: Which will be the best solid shampoo for you?

Solid shampoos have been flourishing since Lush started the movement over 30 years ago.

Initially a niche market, the formulas have largely evolved to meet all consumer needs: from 4 euros to 30 euros or more, solid shampoo is generally equivalent to two 200 ml bottles of liquid shampoo.

As liquid shampoo is 80% water, it requires the addition of numerous chemicals to stabilise the formulas, and preservatives, which are endocrine disruptors, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

The solid offer is therefore a healthier option for the consumer.

Solid shampoo is also a plastic-free alternative, a real ecological emergency!

In theory, solid shampoo has everything to please... but satisfaction is not always the order of the day: Formulas that don't lather enough, irritate the scalp or leave hair sticky and impossible to comb...enough to discourage those who wanted to switch to solid.

In this article we have selected two shampoos that we promise will bring you satisfaction according to your priorities: DOP solid shampoo and Fossette Paris solid shampoo.

They are very different and so we are going to compare them so that you can find the one that suits you, to you!

All about Fossette Paris

Fossette Paris offers healthy, natural, and effective cosmetic products. Innovation is at the heart of the development of this young French company, which succeeds in the challenge of offering solid skincare products whose benefits exceed those of conventional cosmetics. All the claimed benefits are proven by independent laboratory tests, under dermatological control.

Another approach sets them apart: all the products in the range are allergen-free, free of essential oils and suitable for the most sensitive skin. Products suitable for all ages, for the whole family, and unisex!

The result: A solid shampoo that gives 100% satisfaction in terms of pleasure of use, fragrance, lather, but also in terms of efficiency with shiny, ultra soft and easy to style hair. But also the only solid shampoo that also takes care of your scalp, even if it is sensitive, to put an end to itching, patches or hair that gets greasy quickly.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fossette Paris solid shampoo

Offer side: Fossette Paris has chosen to develop only one solid shampoo: Le Shampoing Parfait. (The Perfect Shampoo).  Why is that? Because it gently cleanses while respecting the scalp and hair fibres, while providing meticulously selected ingredients rich in natural active ingredients to care for both the hair fibre and the scalp.

Dry or weakened hair is respected and oily hair gets greasy less quickly because the scalp is not attacked! This is the foundation of hair care!

Formula: As in all shampoos, solid or liquid, a surfactant is used to obtain the foam and to clean the hair. Fossette Paris has chosen SCI, a gentle surfactant derived from coconut oil and free of sulphates. Foam-boosting co-surfactants derived from wheat bran (Caprylyl/Capryl wheat bran/straw glycosides) allow the concentration of SCI to be lowered, while maintaining excellent foaming power, to take care of your scalp, even if it is sensitive.

The oil phase of any solid shampoo is made up of 100% noble ingredients: certified organic and French sunflower oil and linseed oil.

In short, a vegan formula that is just right to pamper the health of your hair and scalp, while taking care not to lose any pleasure in use.

A successful challenge for Fossette Paris!

On the packaging side: We notice the effort of a Home Compost certified pack: it is biodegradable in your domestic compost. A real difference in the solid care market!

Price: The Fossette Paris Parfait shampoo costs 14.90 euros. But a subscription formula allows you to have it at a more advantageous rate.

All about Dop

Dop is a French brand created in 1934. Its founder wanted to offer an alternative to the soap then used to wash hair, but which left hair terribly rough and difficult to style. The first DOP shampoo, without soap, was born!

Initially in the form of a powder to be diluted with water, DOP evolved into a shampoo in cream form. In 1970 DOP made its mark in French homes by launching the mythical egg shampoo for all hair types.

Today, DOP offers its egg shampoo in solid form.

The result:

A DOP solid shampoo that lathers well and a convenient format. A common and somewhat aggressive formula for undemanding scalps.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dop solid shampoo

Offer side: DOP offers a range of solid shampoos: solid shampoo with vitamins, eggs or sweet almond, all suitable for normal hair.

 Formula: A similar formula on all DOP solid shampoos, quite short, which limits the potentially harmful ingredients.

The choice of a gentle, sulphate-free surfactant, SCI.

However, the concentration of surfactant is a little high, which can make the formula dry in the long term, and not suitable for sensitive scalps.
Note: the first three ingredients in percentage of the formula are SCI (which is normal) followed by a hydrogenated oil and water....

The majority choice of an inexpensive hydrogenated vegetable oil, with no benefits for your hair, only serves to give the product hold with the lowest possible production cost. Beneficial active ingredients in lower concentrations are found at the end of the composition .... And are only there to support marketing arguments.

Beware of the presence of numerous allergens – meaning this product can be irritating in the long term.

Packaging: Non-compostable packaging

Packaging that does not contain recycled materials

Fully recyclable packaging

 Price: An unbeatable price of 3.99 euros

The final match:

Fossette Paris solid shampoo wins our votes!

If the DOP solid shampoo has the advantage on the price side with a rather "healthy" formula compared to the supermarket offer (no sulphates or quaternary ammonium), we are on the other hand not surprised to see that on the ingredients side the DOP solid shampoo will not satisfy consumers who are demanding about the health and beauty of their hair.

 This shampoo essentially contains a foaming agent, well chosen, and hydrogenated oil with no cosmetic or health interest. The presence of allergens will make it unacceptable to some.

We therefore have a strong preference for Fossette Paris solid shampoo, despite a real price difference justified by a unique manufacturing process allowing an innovative and effective formula: Fossette Paris thus offers a solid shampoo tested under dermatological control, suitable for all hair types and sensitive scalps. It will satisfy even the most demanding users, both in terms of the pleasure of use and the health and benefits provided to their hair and scalp.

 Moreover, no hydrogenated oil in the formula of the Fossette Paris solid shampoo, but French organic sunflower and linseed oils which bring all their concentrated natural active ingredients, for shiny, light and soft hair, and a scalp in perfect health.

To note: The Fossette Paris Signature fragrance, 100% natural, without essential oils and without allergens (labelable) finishes convincing us!
A little extra: Fossette Paris offers smart and beautiful accessories to make it easier to use your solid shampoo at home and when travelling. You will keep your Fossette Paris solid shampoo longer than other solid shampoos.


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