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Zoom Fossette Perfect Ritual Care
Zoom Fossette Perfect Ritual Care

Fossette Perfect Ritual Care

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Choose the pleasure and efficacy of the complete Fossette routine, including our 4 staple products: Moisturising Body BarPerfect ShampooSilkening Conditioner, and 4-in-1 Essential balm.

Adapted to all skin types, even sensitive, and all hair types. Ultra-gentle yet offers the same sensorial properties and superior benefits as your favorite liquid soaps, serums, or creams!

Body bar + shampoo: 2.47 oz., Conditioner: 1.41 oz., Balm: 1.76 oz.


Proven effectiveness*: Dermatologically tested to be safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Fossette Body Bar gently cleanses without drying or itchiness. It nourishes, protects, softens skin.

Gentle Solid Shampoo brings shine, suppleness, and softness. Your hair is easy to style, light, regains density, and becomes greasy less quickly.

Silkening Conditioner is 100% natural and organic. It gently detangles, nourishes, and protects your hair without weighing it down or making it greasy.

Essential balm, with its dry, non-greasy, and non-sticky, and is formulated for use on the body, face, and ends of your hair and as an eye makeup remover.

*Clinical tests under dermatological control by an independent laboratory

YUKA excellent score of 100/100
- 0% controversial ingredients

- 0% essential oils

- 0% labelable allergens


Protecting the environment as well as offering safe & natural hair and skin care are the pillars of our mission.

Our solid products have been formulated and produced in Grasse, France by experts in their field. Each element and every step have been accomplished with utmost care and under demanding regulatory criteria.

Clean composition
Formula is free of petrochemicals, micro-plastics and pollutants which protects lands and water sources.

Green Packaging

Zero-plastic, certified compostable (home compost) packaging. Balm is packaged in 100% Aluminum which is forever recyclable.

Fossette Perfect Ritual Care

$66.00 Regular price $74.00

Long Live Solid Bars

Custom designed accessories to make your eco-gestures count

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Is Fossette's solid cleanser Cosmebio certified?

We have chosen to exclude all controversial and irritating ingredients from our Clean and Safe formulation charter.

For example, the only Cosmos Organic certifiable foaming agent (surfactant) contains sulphates: compounds that are aggressive to the skin. For this reason, we have chosen an extra mild, biodegradable and sulphate-free surfactant. We hope that the Cosmos Organic charter will evolve in this direction in order to certify our gentle cleansing care in the near future.

Is it possible to use this cleanser for intimate hygiene?

This cleanser is gentle, soap-free and FREE of known allergens. You can therefore use it with confidence for your intimate hygiene routine. However, this product is not intended to treat irritated mucous membranes.

How to can I reduce plastic in my bathroom or when travelling?

Our tips for simple eco-gestures:

> Avoid single-use plastic packaging.

Hotel soaps and travel-sized liquids create so much waste. Better to bring along your solid care products.

> Choose healthier formulas

Have a look at the ingredients to be sure they're free of petrochemicals and pollutants;

> Reusable is beautiful

Invest in eco-designed soap dishes and travel that can be used over and over again. It's the most sustainable practice!

Is it suitable for pregnant women?

Pregnant women tend to have reactive and fragile skin. The composition of our solid cleanser has been designed as a dermatological bar; without soap.

All irritating potentially ingredients have been excluded from the formula.

The fragrance is also natural and contains no essential oils.

This product is formulated to hydrate and soften the skin. After showering, we recommend our Essential Balm for extra moisturizing.

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